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After much demand, the SUV Valet has been specially conceived for the larger four-wheel drive vehicles.

Exterior Treatment:

                  • Exterior Hand Washed using ph balanced neutral shampoo
                  • Soft Under Bonnet Wash
                  • Under Vehicle Wash
                  • Wheel Arches sponge washed and rinsed clear
                  • Remove tar spots from paintwork
                  • Vehicle Exterior re-washed 
                  • Front and Rear of Wheels hand cleaned using non-abrasive cleaner
                  • Exterior Dried using air dryer and luxury drying towels
                  • Front of wheels sealed to prevent excessive brake dust build up
                  • Tyres dressed with long lasting tyre gel
                  • Exterior hand polished and buffed
                  • Exterior glass cleaned and polished to a streak free shine
                  • Enhanced visibility in wet driving conditions
                  • Exterior protected with high gloss sealing wax

Interior Treatment:

                  • Door Checks and sills washed
                  • Interior Doors cleaned incl door furniture
                  • Roof Headliner shampooed
                  • Pillars cleaned
                  • Interior cleaned and vacuumed
                  • Interior glass cleaned and polished to a streak free shine
                  • Dash and console air blown to remove all debris
                  • Control buttons and switches cleaned
                  • Dials cleaned and polished
                  • Air vents cleaned and brush finished
                  • Dash decontaminated and left with clean natural finish
                  • Steering wheel decontaminated and left with clean natural finish
                  • Seat Belts shampooed and dried
                  • Seat Upholstery shampooed and dried
                  • Carpets Shampooed and dried
                  • Leather upholstery treated and cleaned leaving natural finish
                  • Car Mats removed washed dried and dressed
                  • Boot Vacuumed shampooed and dried

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